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Rules and Regulations of the 19th ISFVF

2020-04-28 16:41

The International Student Film and Video Festival(known as ISFVF)is organized by Beijing Film Academy on its campus in October annually.

ISFVF is officially supported by CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision, the International Association of Film and Television Schools).

The 19th ISFVF will take place in Beijing on October 19-26, 2020. 

The Mission of ISFVF

1. To provide a platform for students and faculty members from BFA and other film schools to appreciate outstanding student works from all over the world;

2. To promote personnel and professional exchanges between film and TV schools around the world;

3. To encourage and support emerging film and television professionals;

4. To advocate personality, art exploration, technical innovation and self-expression.


Entries are accepted in the following categories:

1. Fiction

2. Documentary

3. Animation

4. Others

Entries may be submitted by participating schools or by individual participants. All entries will undergo a pre-selection process conducted by faculty members of Beijing Film Academy. Directors of the selected works will be informed as their works are accepted into the final screening. 


The awards of ISFVF this year includes Best Fiction Film, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Special Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Sound and Outstanding Award.

Activities of ISFVF

The 19th ISFVF will be held on the campus of Beijing Film Academy for a week on October19-26, 2020. The festival is officially recognized and listed in the academy teaching schedule.

We plan to hold the screenings and activities as follows. Beijing Film Academy reserves the right to alter the events and venues listed below at its discretion.

a. Screenings

Selected films will be screened in our 700-seat Standard Screening Hall. Each film will be shown twice. Student directors will be introduced to the audience in the Q&A section after the screening. 

The festival committee will invite some student directors of selected works to attend the festival in Beijing. (If the directors cannot attend the festival in person, they can name one from the film crew to participate the events on behalf of them). The festival may provide nominated student filmmakers with partial subsidy under special circumstances.

b. Student Director Q&A

All participating directors will be introduced to the audience mainly composed of BFA students who will then be given an opportunity to pose their questions directly. This activity will be held throughout the festival.

c. Faculty Exchanges

Additional guests from Chinese and overseas film schools are welcomed to attend the festival and join the discussion with BFA faculty members.

They may need to come on their own expenses. The festival committee will be able to coordinate with accommodation arrangement.

d. A Tour around Beijing

The festival will offer invited students and teachers a tour of Beijing’s magnificent attractions, including Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City,the Great Wall,the Ming Tombs,the Summer Palace, etc.

e. Award Night

There will be a closing ceremony on October 26th evening. 

Entrance Requirements

1. The student works should be completed during their college study period.The applicant should upload his/ her valid student ID; if he/ she graduated (NO earlier than 2018 July), a graduate certificate should be uploaded instead.The contents filled in the entry forms are required to be absolutely complete and accurate.

2.The film for submission should be produced after July 31st,2018,and must NOT exceed 30 minutes in length (including credits and else).

3. Each film should be completed online submission. Otherwise, the films may not be accepted.

4. English subtitles are mandatory.

Film Submission

Please visit our official website to complete online submission.

▲Format for uploading  files: .mp4 or .movfile (H264),up to 1G

The submission deadline is August 15th, 2020.

Films submitted later than the date will not be considered.

Selection and Final Screening

1. All selected films will be officially announced on the ISFVF official website in September, and filmmakers will be individually notified via email.

2.If your film is selected for the final screening, the committee will ask you to send a screening copy at the best quality. All discs and files will be kept in archive after the festival.

Screening Formats

1) Video File: .mov, Apple ProRes422, 1080p, PCM 2CH or 5.1CH Audio, 24bit/48kHz. (Basic standards);

2) Blue-ray Video Disc.



1. After the screening of the films, the festival committee will choose some of the outstanding works and make a compilation.If your work is selected, the festival committee will automatically get the non-exclusive copyright property of your work, and will include it in the ISFVF compilation only for academic and educational purposes in China. The compilation will not be used for any commercial purpose. The committee will not receive any commercial interests from it. Please write down the contact information of the copyright owner when you fill out the entry form. If there is any lawsuit in relation to the copyright, the author must take full responsibility.

2. During the collecting and screening of this festival, the selection committee will show an excerpt of your film on the ISFVF website for information purposes. When you fill out the entry form, please communicate with your film’s copyright owner, and authorize the committee to obtain your work’s network copyright.The committee will use your film in accordance with the agreed level of authorization. If any legal conflicts relating to copyright issues arise, the person who signs the form is liable.

Special Explanation: If there is any dispute concerning the regulations, the committee of ISFVF reserves the right to make final decision.